Chocolate Hearts - Black

Chocolate Hearts - Black

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Your guests will adore opening their wedding bomboniere to reveal a tempting treasure trove of delicious creamy real milk chocolate hearts. Our chocolate hearts are of an excellent quality and superbly presented in a selection of 23 fantastic foil colours. These divinely tasting Australian made chocolates will hit the sweet spot and be enjoyed by all. Each heart is 8g  in weight and are available in 3 convenient quantities. Please read below for delivery advice and chocolate care.


Chocolates are a perishable item, so for this reason, they are packed in a semi-refrigerated coolite box to ensure their quality during transit. In saying this, we can not stress strongly enough, you must have a person able to receive your order when it arrives, so the chocolates are not sitting in the sun or direct sunlight, which will of course affect their quality. You need to allow 14 days for delivery as the chocolates are only ever despatched direct from the factory from a Mon – Wed. When you place your order, the address you supply needs to be a business or home address and not a post office address, as this will be the delivery destination for your order. (Unless you wish to state an alternative one in the comments box that is provided.)


Do not have the product delivered and left unattended and in an exposed position. e.g. In the sun or outdoors etc. Maintain confectionery in a cool dry place. Temperatures below 5o C  and above 2Oo C will result in the chocolate blooming (where the chocolate goes white.)