Large Sparklers  (42cm)

Large Sparklers (42cm)

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Large sparklers can be placed in a tub, bucket or a jar on a table at your reception and lit later to give your wedding departure a spectacular and sparkly send off like no other. Brilliant photography will be created by pressing them into the ground forming a large sparkling heart or in parallel lines to create a romantically lit pathway. Your guests will love the idea of being included in your celebrations by forming a guard of honour, just like a wedding arch, holding lit sparklers above you as you leave for your grand departure as husband and wife. You can even twirl them around for a strikingly stunning effect! Our large sparklers are 42cm long and burn for approximately 1 minute and 10 seconds allowing time for your photographer to capture your dazzling finale with the most breathtaking photos for your wedding album. (See below for our lighting and safety tips).    

Lighting Tip

Have a barbeque lighter or similar to light and NOT matches, as they generally do not burn long enough to raise the sparkler to its ignition point. An easy method for lighting multiple sparklers it to ignite just one sparkler using a butane or propane lighter and then using that sparkler to light the others in turn. When lit this way, they will almost instantly light and hands are held back from the burning ends.

Safety Tip

Sparklers will remain hot for a length of time after they have stopped burning. Users should be cautioned never to grab or touch the burned portion after is has completed its effect. Have a bucket filled with sand or water, or a metal tray available as a place for people to dispose of the burned out sparkler wires. Once cooled, they can be disposed of safely in the bin.